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Work-wear package containing 5 heavy duty, crew-neck T-Shirts that come in 10 different colour options. Your log will be embroidered onto your chosen colour of shirt.

XS 34" S 36" M 40" L 44" XL 48" 2XL 52"

50% Cotton, 50% Polyester


Why should you go for an embroidered logo instead of a printed one?

Embroidered logos have no risk of being washed away or faded away when washed at higher temperatures. Printed logos cannot be washed at a high temperature or else the material will begin to fade or peel away. Embroidered logos also just naturally look more professional and are more suited for laborious work because of how durable embroidery is.

Work-wear Round-neck Shirt Package (Crew-neck shirt) EMBROIDERED LOGO

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